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Lord of the Glen Highland Cow Patch


Made from soft and durable fabric, this fun patch features the iconic Scottish Highland Cow. Perfect for adding a touch of rugged charm to any jacket, hat or bag. Show off your love for Scotland with this unique accessory.

Our distinctive patches measure 2.5" in diameter and are easy to iron or sew on. 

Patches can be ironed onto cotton, cotton blends, velour, denim and wool.  DO NOT apply iron-on patches to waterproof rainwear, rayon, nylon, velvet, acrylic, minky, leather, vinyl or any other fabrics with finishes, elastics or heat sensitivity. If you're unsure, test with an iron on a hidden seam or hem to see if the fabric accepts the heat without damage.

Ironing instructions:

  1. Ensure your garment is clean and dry
  2. Position the patch where desired
  3. Set iron to appropriate heat level (we recommend the cotton setting but please read the care instructions of your particular garment)
  4. Place a cloth/parchment paper over the patch.  If you are ironing the patch onto wool or other delicate fabrics ensure the cloth is damp (not wet)
  5. Once the iron is fully heated up press iron firmly over cloth/parchment for 20-30 seconds.
  6. Peel back cloth to check whether the patch is secure.  Apply the iron for a further 10-20 seconds if not fully secured
  7. Turn your garment inside out and iron the area behind the patch while applying firm pressure for 30 seconds
  8. Let garment cool completely
  9. Optional - Sew around edges for extra durability
  10. Enjoy! Your garment is ready to wear!

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